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Principals celebrates its 25th Anniversary

We are very excited at Principals to celebrate 25 years more


Principals Catering - Making Food Fun

Staff Required

Principals are hiring! We need lots of extra staff, part-time and full, to cope with the growing demand for our meals and services.

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Spring & Summer Menu

Principals Catering - Making Food Fun

Spring & Summer Menu

Whatever the season our aim is to provide, nourishing, nutritional meals ensuring that they are tasty and attractive to children.

Spring /Summer Menu 2015

Term Dates

Term Dates

School Calendar

Each school will have a specific timetable but you can use the calendar from Kent County Council as a guide to term times and holidays.

Term Dates 2014-15

Eating well

Delivering nutritional value

Principals use a software programme, called CRISp to calculate the nutritional value of the raw ingredients used in our dishes. We can analyse the value of each menu, allowing us to phase in new
dishes easily, whilst maintaining the nutritional balance. Menus include all kinds of international, regional and ethnic choices, without forgetting, of course, an extensive range of traditional favourites.

Fresh is best

Principals purchase only top quality meat, fruit, fish and vegetables, from the local area.

‘Home’ cooking

The best ingredients in the world still need skillful cooking to become an appetising meal. At Principals, our management team work hard to reflect each schools food requirements. Each catering
team is trained to consistently produce and present the agreed menus. We also have several senior chefs who will continually visit to help develop and ensure the best practice is maintained.