Great food for kids from traceable, quality sources


New School Year

To all our valued customers - if you are buying meals it is the beginning of the new school year so, if you haven't done so already, you will need to re-enter your children(s) details with the correct school / year / class information. You can login as normal. We are available on 0208 663 6686 to answer any queries or questions.

We know where our food comes from!

In light of the ongoing scandal regarding horsemeat being found in beef dishes, Principals can reassure you that we have always and will continue to do everything possible to check the origins of all our food purchases.

Our meat is supplied by the award winning Butcher of Brogdale www.butcherofbrogdale.co.uk based near Faversham in South and Mid Kent and Andrews the Butchers in North Kent. The meat they supply is mainly sourced locally from Kentish farms, and more importantly none of it is frozen or imported.

Our fruit and vegetables are supplied by Ashford based farm co-operative Fresher by Miles (the wholesale and food service division of Foodari Limited) www.foodari.com. This group of Kent farmers supply us with as much local produce as they can, for instance our Broccoli comes from Gorend Farm in Birchington, Carrots from Walmestone Farm in Ashford.

Your Children now eat free range eggs straight from Bank Farm in Aldington. Principals care passionately and our fundamental aim when purchasing our raw ingredients has always been about the quality of food that your children eat, and we promise to continually monitor the quality of purchases from our suppliers.

Principals were invited by Meridian television to take part in their south east England news programme addressing the concerns over the possibility of horse meat being in School Lunches. We were asked as we have full traceability and provenance for all of the fresh meats used within our service, and are regularly audited and monitored.Click here to watch the interview

Principals Catering

Principals is the school meals division of Principal Catering Consultants Limited. The company was formed in 1989 and started providing meals to schools in 1990.

Based in Beckenham, we provide meals to over 98 schools in the south east of London and Kent. You will find us dependable, local and responsive, not too big and not too small. We cater for our clients’ needs, rather than provide one standard service. We serve freshly prepared, nutritious food, mostly purchased from local suppliers and we invest heavily in the training and motivation of our staff to become schools catering team working closely in partnership with you.

Eating well

Delivering nutritional value

Principals use a software programme, called CRISp to calculate the nutritional value of the raw ingredients used in our dishes. We can analyse the value of each menu, allowing us to phase in new dishes easily, whilst maintaining the nutritional balance. Menus include all kinds of international, regional and ethnic choices, without forgetting, of course, an extensive range of traditional favourites.

Fresh is best

Principals purchase only top quality meat, fruit, fish and vegetables, from the local area.

'Home' cooking

The best ingredients in the world still need skillful cooking to become an appetising meal. At Principals, our management team work hard to reflect each schools food requirements. Each catering team is trained to consistently produce and present the agreed menus. We also have several senior chefs who will continually visit to help develop and ensure the best practice is maintained.